Blown Head Gasket(I hope)


Oct 17, 2016
I have started to tear down the engine to get the heads off because I started getting water in the oil pan and from reading different posts it could be a blown gasket. My main question right now is about the intake manifold and a connection on the rear portion of it that I believe I might have ruined taking it off. The Mustang is a 1999 with a 3.8l V6 and the intake is different from all others I have seen on videos. We bought the car new off the showroom floor so it has to be a stock manifold. Anyway, I've attached a couple pics showing the intake and also the rear hose I think I messed up. Can someone tell me what type of manifold I have and also what is the hose for?

Thanks in advance.


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I dont know anything about that model car or motor. Looking at the picture of the back of the manifold. That looks like one of the little plastic tabs that get taped into wiring harnesses to hold them in place. It should just push in. They can be hard to remove without the right tool.

Are you sure it's a hose and not a wiring harness? If it is a hose can you see a hole in it? That's all the help I can offer.
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Once I get the manifold out I'll be able to get a closer look at it. Hopefully it's what you say it is and I didn't ruin something. I should know later today and I'll let you know.
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