body holes/scoops

has anyone filled the holes left by the rocker chrome and the holes left by the "E" quarter molding? I'm assuming the procedure is weld-grind-bondo-sand-primer-sand-etc

also has anyone installed the side scoops that go over where the "E" quarted moldings go?.... How is this done? I had a set on before I began the restoration but was never happy with the mounting... bolt through the flanges?
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rocker molding = the chrome part under door on the rocker panel... goes from front wheelwell to rear wheelwell

"E" quarter panel molding = the chrome piece that is in the recessed area between rear of door and front of rear wheelwell... on '66s it looks like the capital letter E... one '65s it is more of a vertical bar
you can weld grind sand primer it. When we replace the inner or outer rockers we can sometimes save them. We just use patches and weld them and grind it down. Then we use a d/a sander and just spray red primer. If you use a plasma cutter and cut out squares around the holes, it is easier. Then you can make a template out of tape and put a metal patch there. Use a strong magnet to hold it in place when you tack it. This will get you a nice flush patch.