Body Vin Tags..


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Jan 6, 2004
Hey Guys,
I understand that each body panel on a Fox Musatng will have a sticker from Ford with the car's respective VIN # on it. On my car there are two tags which say "FordDOT" on the inside of the fender along where the hood closes. Any info?
A search did not bring back much info on the subject.

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Sorry I didint make myself clear. Are all cars supposed to have the traditional VIN tag with the VIN # on it? This car has the same sticker with "FordDOT" on it, but no VIN# on each side of the fender.
I can't quite remember if mine did or did not have the vin sticker on the fenders. I assumed every panel does.

I know under my hatch i have a sticker on the hatch itself and in the channel of the body under where the hatch closes on the right side by the hatch strut.

Front fenders i just don't remember
There's a VIN tag on the hatch with the VIN #. On each front fender there is a similar sticker that says "FordDOT". Just took a look thru my copy of the Fox Body Tech and Performance Handbook but it dosent really go into detail.
All parts that came with Ford Mustangs from the factory have VIN tags on them.

If they say RDOT, that means that is not the original fender that came with you car from the factory. It is a Ford replacement panel. It was replaced for damage or rust in the past.