Bolt on exhaust system with factory manifolds and cats.

Evening all, just curious on catback systems I’m trying to purchase for my 90 vert. After watching some videos I feel the bolt on American Thunder cat back doesn’t sound that much different than stock, without the addition of x pipe and headers. My 90 is not the car I’m after horsepower with, but would like to bolt on an exhaust that is noticeably louder without the use of an OR X pipe.

Came across the Pypes Violator catback system on LMR, but every video I look at to hear the exhaust note is on a car with headers and or an OR x pipe. Has anyone had experience with this system by itself, using stocker manifolds and such? Not after a raspy sound, or anything to wild. Is there any other systems to look at that would fit the bill? My 93 has a full system, but it’s a purpose built car and I chased power so it’s on the obnoxious side of loud haha, where as my 90 is more a family heirloom car which I plan to give to my son, and would like to easily put all stock parts back on if wanted as we’ve had the car since new and it just clicked over 50k kms this year. Only other parts put on is wheels, lights, and a shifter.

Lastly, I did see Pypes also has a Catted X pipe, but the cost to Canada is nearly $1000, which I don’t mind spending if it helps but not if it’s just going to make it raspy, or drone, or make no difference. Have no plans to add headers down the road so trying to find a nice bolt on system that’s worth putting on.

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I've got slp loudmouth cat back, check it out .Should sound mean even with stock stuff before it.
It's stainless and the tips look mean.


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