Borgeson Steering Swap Question About The Pump


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Jan 22, 2013
I'm looking to do a borgeson steering box swap on my 68 xr7. I'm trying to save a few bucks and possibly buy the pump from somewhere else for a little cheaper. Does anyone have a part number that is the correct pump for completing this swap? I've read that this is a common pump for GM vehicles; but haven't found a part number or what exactly it comes off of. One other concern is that the box I believe is suppose to have about 1000 psi; just making sure this information is correct and that this pump matches.
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I used the pump from Borgeson on my 66. It came with the correct mounting brackets which saved me having to find the right ones or make others work. If my stock pump would have been good, I probably would have given that a try before I bought theirs.
My pump isn't good and would need replacing anyways which is why I'm looking at getting a GM pump. The water pump on my windsor is different mounting bolt location for P/S pump bracket so I would have to modify my existing modified bracket to adapt to the GM P/S bracket. If the GM pump is a standard part on many applications then I should be able to find a GM guy or dealer who is selling one for cheaper than the $300 that Borgeson is selling at. So what I am looking for is either a GM part number or a O'Reilly's part number to cross reference so that I can try finding this pump at a different price.
Well I've continued looking at pumps on the internet and have a new question. What is the saginaw pump pressure that I should be looking for. I know I said earlier that I've read you should be looking for around 1000 psi but all the pumps say for their description is not a pressure rating but rather the application that it is for. Should I buy a pump that says it's for a mustang rack and pinion set up or stock gm set up or what? What pressure are these rack and pinion pumps rated for?