Boss Grill

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I called GAS this morning, they said the guy that did the work for him was there and they let me talk to the guy who did the grill.

It's a custom grill, the guy said he has done 2 of them. He told me that all it is, is a stock GT grill shaved down with a V6 billet grill set infront and powdercoated black.

I think i'm going to try and do it myself.
Yeah, call GAS. I wasn't sure that I was going to try it at the time.

He said you'll have to shave down the foglight surrounds and take out the pony. He said you'd have to grind on the car a bit to get it to fit right. Not sure where though.
Can't figure out where you were grind it if it's just an overlay grille. I figured the foglight surrounds would need to be shaven and the horse gone. Hmm, when it warms up a little bit I'll have to take a look. I haven't removed the fog lights before, how integral to the mounting of them is the lip?