Bought new car!


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Feb 15, 2008
ok so here it is, I just bought a 2000 V6 Mustang Convertible from my girlfriends uncle for $5,500

it has 74,000 Miles on it...lets see what everyone thinks ...did I get a good deal?

Engine is beautiful tires are new, top is brand new, leather is in GREAT condition

The only thing I find wrong with it, (he did point this out), is that the windows on the driver side don't line up perfectly, and the window will catch the top if you don't close door right (you have to put pressure at the top of the window or else it will just catch the top)...there is a small gap between the lining on the rubber of the back window and the driver side window...I'm a little concerned rain might get into it...not sure, I'll need to get those aligned I guess...especially since I don't wanna wear out at the top

Also I bought the car in Florida and drove it home to Connecticut..

North Carolina is NEVER ENDING lol

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