Brake line union block??

I'm sorry I don't know what it is supposed to be called, but I'm looking for information about something.

I have an 8.8 rear going in a v6 car. The 8.8 has a rubber hose that comes off of it about a foot long with a banjo fitting on it.

Can someone please tell me what this would normally connect to on a car that came with an 8.8 from the factory? Does the brake line that comes from the front of the car to the back of the car have a rubber piece that reaches over and connects to that banjo fitting?

My car just has the line on the passenger side that goes back and stops right before the rear end. I am thinking of just having a hose made which a union that the banjo fitting will screw into and then the other end that will screw into the brake line. Anything wrong with that idea?

Pics or links to any pics would be helpful if anyone has any handy.
Thanks a lot!
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I'm doing a V6 to Cobra conversion, and I just dealt with this. As you've found out, the 8.8 brake lines don't link up with the V6 hard line. You either need to use the V6 brake lines on the 8.8, or convert the hard brake line on the chassis to the 8.8 style.

The 8.8 brake line leads over to the left side of the axle, instead of over to the right. This is done to avoid having the exhaust pipe hitting the brake junction on the axle. I don't have any photos, but I can take some this weekend. I had a donor car, so I swapped the hard line on the chassis for a stock fit.