Brake Pedal free return freeplay ?


Jun 19, 2018
Bradenton Fl 34212
1965 Mustang 289. I just finished a non-power front disc conversion using a reputable and referred supplier kit. After completion of the install and all bleeding, I now have a hard pedal when pressing, but excessive free play in the brake pedal, (not when pressing, but in the full return position) The pedal just drops a few inches. I used the recommended original master cylinder rod which appears to be to short. I ordered and will install an adjustable rod to hopefully take out the "pedal slop" play. What I need to know is the pedal supposed to fully return all the way back, or is it supposed to hang down a bit (free play), if so how much ?
I can deal with the "pedal slop", but I know that if the pedal is not positioned properly the brake light switch will not correctly work and the PITA headaches begin.
Also is there supposed to be a brake pedal return spring to pull the brake pedal arm back when your foot is removed from the pedal or is the pressure from the M/C on the rod what returns the pedal arm ?
Any input or opinions will be greatly appreciated.
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Dec 10, 2018
I've decided that it will just have a little slop. I've been through the whole deal with a 67. I don't know what was original, I think drums, but it was already changed to disc when I got it. I've had a new MC, two different boosters in it and two pedals, it has firm pressure, no leaks and a little pedal slop. I'm not much help, but I did get tired of jacking with the brake light switch. I finally changed out the distribution block for an aluminum one from JEGS, around $90. It has the 2 front out, 1 rear out and a pressure switch for the brake light as well as an adjustment knob for the rear brakes. If you're not going concours, it's works pretty well. I just extended the brake switch wires to the pressure switch and no problems.