Brake Setup To Go With R&p Install


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Apr 20, 2004
Salt Lake City, Utah
So the time has finally come that I am moving to Los Angeles and as I won't initially own a home with a garage I am wrapping up all the details on the stang. I plan to drive the car daily when possible, I have another car, but have been limited in Utah. Now that I will live somewhere warm I want as much wheel time as possible in the car as I love driving it. The big things that need updating so the car is a blast is the brakes and steering. I have already purchased the TCP Power Rack and Pinion and was planning to go to a hydroboost setup with the brakes. Braking has been an absolute nightmare in the car as it has power brakes with only 7" of vacuum at idle even with a canister. I am not concerned with price just want the thing to be really enjoyable to drive. I personally don't mind having to use a little muscle on the brakes but want some feedback. I called TCP and they said it's a nightmare getting the hydroboost setup to work correctly with the rack and would recommend converting to manual brakes. So my options are figure out how to make the hydroboost setup work, or purchase the .88" Manual Brake Wilwood Master Cylinder with the 12.19" rear discs they recommended for the same price (the car already has front discs which would also be switched to new wilwood rotors and calipers down the road when my rotors are toast). What's everyones feedback? I was told it should bolt right up and I can use my same power pedal with this master cylinder and I will get the benefit from 4 wheel discs with the money spent.
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