Brisk Spark Plugs: Another wonder deal ?

Green Machine

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Sep 22, 2001
Lakeland Florida
Has anyone heard of or tried the Brisk LGS spark plug ?

I read the latest issue of 5.0 Mustangs, and at the very back they have a tech article on Brisk LGS performance plugs. Our 5.0 part # is DOR17LGS.

The testing they did was through, but was done on a 4.6 modular Cobra. It produced a net gain of 7.10 hp / 4.28 torque over used stock Motorcraft plugs with 14K miles on them. The manufacture doesn't have any dyno results for our 5.0 motors yet.

I called LFP ( Lightening Force Performance) a Lightening truck performance parts dealer. They sell ($11.00 ea) and believe in them. The plug has approx the same design as the Bosch 4. The sales person mention that they had a 4.6 GT in and had the LGS plug installed. He claimed it made over 20 hp. I asked for a dyno chart, but they didn't one available because it was a customers car.

I also called Brisk USA to see if they would send some promo plugs out so I could get them installed then run my GT thru a dyno to see what the results would be. They've yet to return my call. :rolleyes:

Unless I see some real dyno results on one of our cars this will stay in the "I don't believe it" file folder. :D

Later, Dewman
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Mar 30, 2005
Bremerton, WA
I saw the article. Strange plug. Makes sense the way it is set up though. I too am skeptical to spend that kind of money on plugs. I change mine every 10k for under 10 bucks, and have yet to have a problem. For 20hp, I'll spend the cash, but for 5hp, don't know. I would have to be 3-5 shy of the 300hp mark to take the plunge.

Good luck on the promo plugs though. Keep buggin them.