Broke off intake bolt in aluminum head.


New Member
Nov 28, 2006
It's one of the bolts in the center, where the intake bolts are the closest to eachother. I was missing a bolt last time I put it back on, so I got a bolt at the hardware store, that was a mistake 'cause it was a cheepo and snapped off in the head.:nonono: Question is, what's the best way to fix this? Drill out- helicoil? Or do you think that It would seal okay. Seems like It did fine before...?
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Sergeant Tangnet
Sep 17, 2005
Port Elgin, Ontario
weld a nut to the broken bolt and turn it out. If the bolt is a little further in the head than flush build it out with some weld than hold the nut with some pliers and fill the center of the nut with weld starting at the broken bolt....let cool and it should come right out. Since it's in a aluminum head I would weld a little and wait then continue...but that probly wont matter than much if the welder is set to weld fast.