Bumper swap?


Dec 21, 2004
So I seen a 98 mustang that had a 99+ font end. It even had the 94-98 front fenders but it look liked they cut and welded corner pieces from the 99 to fit the headlights. It looked good. I didnt know if anyone has seen it done before?
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liiike. this?


dont do it. the smooth lines of the 98-'s and the hard lines of the 99+ dont mix well together
Personally I think id clash with the rest of the car.

99-04 have nice sharp edges, the 94-98 are rounded off (in a good way)... just seems like it wouldnt flow too well.

Id have to see it before I judged it though.

If its anything like putting an 05+ front end on a 99-04 Mustang, get the barf bucket ready.
The car that did it right was in mmff and looked awesome. It you can find that issue the guys that made the car own a body shop and they can make the fenders for you. It had the front half of the fenders, hood, lights, and bumper from a 99 and everything else was a 96. The only part that you would need to fab for the swap is the fenders, everything else bolts up.