c4 flexplate/ bellhousing Q's


New Member
Dec 4, 2006
im not too familiar with this , so here goes .

right now i got a C4 trans from a 70 mustang that i bought awhile back. its got the small bell and is a case fill trans. the torque converter that i have that came with it is a b&m 2500 stall with a 10 1/2" bolt circle pattern. my project 91 car that im building has an 87 marquis engine that had a aod on it so its got the 164 tooth flexplate. my question is can i use the large c4 bell on the case filled c4 i have and just get the appropriate converter to match the 87's 302 11 1/2" bolt circle or am i just better off finding a small pattern flexplate and run what i got? friend of mine said to look for an 80-84 V8 mustang or maybe a 80 and up V8 granada/fairmont for the small pattern flexplate:scratch:

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