Caldwell Chop please?


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Oct 27, 2002
Ok sorry no digi cam os I have no pics. Except from a wreck a long time ago and those pics are useless. So if anyone would donate a pic of a white cobra I need to see one with the cervini's 3.5" cowl hood and also the 10th anniversary wheels not the gunmetal but the silver ones and last but not least a S-281 wing. Thanks man hope you can make it happen.

If someone could donate a side shot of a white cobra what would be perfect. If not ill take just about any shot I just want to see some of this stuff on a white cobra before I start buying.
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not understanding the not fitting a cobra trunk lid part. Anyway,Caldwell Dude its cool if you haven't had time ot get to this like you said you would just please get me some pics. when you can I'm dieing to see this combo.