South East Looking for a buddy to help me work on my cobra


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Jun 3, 2018
Mooresville, NC
I live in Mooresville NC im semi new to the area and I live in an apartment complex that im not allowed to work on the car at...I literally popped the hood to check if I needed oil and no sooner did a maintenance man pull up from the management to ask me "if everything was ok". i have some surface rust that I need to get fixed that I try to fix periodically. I work overtime every week, so i only really have the weekends. Also it could use a new fuel filter plugs wires my radio put back in as im going standalone with Rockford Fosgate instead of retaining the basic sounding mach 460. currently gutted except the dash and driver seat. I would love to help you with your build as well. Soon as I save up the 7500$ for the swap im going 03/04 cobra cluster irs seats and everything so im just prepping it for that and trying to keep it running. I know im all over the place . so here is a list that i would like to focus on. I have had the car for a little while and its driving me nuts not working on it I have the interior sitting in my floor its cluddered my gf tripped over the back cover the the rear speakers and broke that so I need to get this done lol.. the white ones mine
1. fix the vss (speedometer)
2. Tune up ( plugs wires filters fluids)
3. shop work cosmetics ( paint and body work unfinished rust and such)
4. suspension work (IRS? gear swap? coilovers subframe connectors etc)
5. engine and trans swap maybe the entire thing (I would like to find a 10th anniversary for the seats and cluster)


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May 29, 2018
If my back lawn wasn't so :poo: I'd be able to help you out. I live in cary and have a workshop behind the house that's not connected to the driveway. The yard between them is a slight hill and pretty damn soft. The first and only time I drove my RWD F-150 down there it got stuck. Had to pull it back to the driveway with my A4 lol