i have 1987 gt, i want to put a good cam in it. but it dont have mass air flow sensor. i lke the B303. so will the cam work with computer or will i be better off converting it to carb? im new with the mustang game, got rid of street bike, my best move yet.. thanks
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On a speed density system like your 87', the PCM (ECU) will not like any cam change. WOT will be alright, but the rest of the time the engine will run like crap. You either need to get a Mass Air Conversion done, or change it to a carburator set-up. If you have to worry about an emissions inspection, then the carb route may be a bad move. If emissions are not an issue, then you can do what you want. I prefer a Mass air EFI set-up myself.
First off, an aftermarket cam in an engine with stock heads is a serious waste of time and money. Look around the web, there are people out there making 350-400 hp on the stock cam without a power adder. The stock cam is a pretty decent piece. Unless you're just looking for a lopey idle, stick with the stock cam and spend your money on other mods.

Second, speed density does not handle cam changes very well. I would say just convert to mass air and NOT to carb, but that really is your prerogative. I wouldn't do it, but that is just me. If you convert to mass air now, you'll be able to go with wilder changes in performance.

Third- Welcome to the Mustang crowd... Have fun, and prepare to be penniless. :nice:
sorry for the stupid questions, is it a big deal, such as having to get a new computer and harness to do a maf conversion, and where would i get info on that?

Don't worry about the questions, man. We were all new to the game at some point. Just stay cool and people around here will be more than willing to answer your newbie questions.

To answer THIS question, yea, you'll need a new computer, a meter, and an adapter harness. In total, you can expect to pay in the range of ~$200-$250 for used stuff and sticking with the stock injectors. If you want to go with bigger injectors (24lb/hr +), you can expect to start spending a lot more. Start with finding an A9L (A9P for an auto car) computer on ebay ($100-$150), a 94-95 Mustang 70mm MAF meter (cheap if you can find it in a junk yard), and buy a conversion harness from a place like 5.0 Resto.