cam/intake setup dilemma


May 17, 2003
Wasilla Alaska
I have 2 motors an various parts that I want to build 1 good street EFI motor for my 65. I would like to shoot for the 350-400hp, but that might be out of reach for now. I have been running the Edelbrock performer upper and lower on a stock motor and it really doesn't pull until higher RPMS.

I have a set of GT40 heads I was going to use, and swap to 24lbs injectors, and a 75mm mass air meter. Will this combo make the Edelbrock performer pull better on the low end?

I am swapping over to a t5, and I'm not sure which cam to run. I having been searching and it looks like the E303 cam works well with the gt40's. any other suggestions?
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Yes the heads and the parts you have will help your pull stronger but i would go with a trickflow stage1 cam. Because it has split duration and more duration on the exhaust side and that will help your motor/head combo perform better plus with more exhaust duration you motor will breathe better.