Cam Keeper Question


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Jan 11, 2004
I just got a 4.6L Cheap from a MarkVII. By cheap I mean $100 and it has compression. Upon teardown, everything looks great right down to the perfect cylinder walls. Here's the question: There seems to be nothing tieing the exhaust cam to its gear in the timing system. Sure, there is a spot for a key on both the cam and the gear, but neither side had anything in the keyway and the cam spins independently of its gear. Call me crazy, but I can't figure out what is supposed to operate the exhaust valves if that cam gear isn't connected to the cam, Right? What am I missing in this engine to make the cam turn with its gear? Maybe I have spent too much time with my small blocks. I just thought I would get with the times and start toying with the Modular motors. Let me know. Thanks.
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Sounds like the kewway the ties the cam and gear together is missing or broken. Probably why the engine was sold for so cheap,wouldn't run that way. A new keyway should be relativle easy to come by but inspect everything closely on that side for a reason why it sheared off in the first place.