Cam lift and side exhaust


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Jun 28, 2004
St. Louis
I have two questions. The first is what do you think the max lift cam wise is for my car. I have GT40x heads and Flat top pistons with valve reliefs. I'd rather not have to take my heads off and check my valve clearance. My second 2nd ? is does anyone have any experience with the eleanor side exhaust skirts and if so do you recomend them and wheres the best place to purchaze them?
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The Answer Man
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Apr 8, 2001
North Atlanta
i suggest an xe266hr cam from comp cams (if you have a roller engine) if not, an xe268h camshaft.

If you buy the eleanor side exit exhaust skirts, remember, you should buy the front and rear fender flairs....or you will have to to some major fiberglass work. You will also need special mufflers and the special side pipes. You can get it all from