Can A Lower Intake Gasket Cause Coolant Loss?


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Mar 18, 2003
I'm loosing coolant in my car. No coolant in oil and no bubbles being seen in radiator while idling. I add coolant and and it will come out of exhaust for about 10 minutes than stop. Open up radiator and the I see a loss of coolant below the water pump. I'm thinking the lower intake gasket is bad around a water jacket. Which is either filling my lifter valley and going out a lifter?..or getting short circuited out a intake port. I also can not get idle below 1000 rpm.(only vacuum leak left is the lower intake gasket). Never changed it. Seeing 19 inches of mercury on my gauge. Oil and coolant is looking clean.

Does this sound feasible? Thanks
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Nov 27, 2004
Salt Lake City, Utah
Another vote for you to pull the intake & replace the gaskets. Yes, it can & does happen; sucking coolant into just the intake ports. Happened to me once when i used a set of Felpro #1250 gaskets with my RPM II intake. The gaskets distorted badly over time & created both a vacuum leak & sent coolant into the intake ports. Shortly thereafter I discovered this was a common problem & the solution was to instal steel core gaskets(Felpro #1250s-3). Sure enough, the revised gaskets work like a charm.....