Can I start the engine w/ a cracked valve cover?


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Apr 26, 2005
Dallas, TX
I over torqued a bold on the valve cover, and cracked it. The crack is about 3 inches long. What will happen if I start the motor?

I am not sure if there is a science behind the valve covers, and there is pressure in there or if they are simply to prevent oil from being splattered all over the engine compartment.
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lesson learned.

I really like my valve covers and hate to have to buy em over again.
I thought they were really strong and was tightening and heard "CRACK"
I yelled "F___" loud enough to elicit concern from the neighbors.

passenger side.
Similar to these except they say 289 on them as well:


Several people have told me I should just upgrade to the chrome ones. They sell the Edelbrock chrome ones really cheap at Pep Boys, but honestly, I think that chrome valve covers look sort of cheap.
i had my cast aluminum "powered by ford" 84 GT valve covers welded up because some dumbass over tightened them and broke 2 of the mounting ears completely off. mustan have been a fairly common occurrence with that particular style though because Ford redisigned them with taller mounting ears for the 85 model year.