Drivetrain Can I use shorter than fox length axles?


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Apr 4, 2007
I have Cobra SN95 rear brakes on my 93 LX (5 Lug) from North Race Cars. Kit is great. I reused my Ranger axles from my previous 5 lug junkyard swap. I put LMR Pony 17x10 wheels out back with Toyo r888r 315/35/17. The tire sticks out further than I would like and I get a little rub even with the fender rolled.

I'll be starting the Detroit Speed Mini Tub kit with rear coilovers next month.

My questions are, can I get shorter axles to replace my Ranger axles that will fit in the axle tube without shortening the axle tubes? How much shorter?

Will my rear brake caliper brackets still work? If I remember correctly, I am currently using 1 washer as a spacer between the caliper and the bracket.

Anyone attempted this? I'm trying to pull my rear wheels in a bit.

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