car insurance wtf?


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Dec 4, 2006
called around a few places today for both my 92 crown and the 89 stang. the stang was 260 every 6 months for liability and the crown was 345 every 6 months for liability. is there something wrong here? i had a 94 thunderturd and it was cheaper than my mustang think it was around 210 every 6 months. i dont understand why the crown vic is more than both the 94 tbird and my 89 stang. you'd figure the crown vic since its a family car it would be cheaper right? sad part is im 27 and have no tickets and my insurance is still high as heck.
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one of the places wanted 645 for both cars combined liability. seems everyone else i know has way way cheaper insurance. its been high for me since i was 16. hasnt really dropped at all. they must not like me or somethin :chair: lol
well i called this last place up and heres the scoop.

89GT: $194 every 6 months with 50/100 renters ins. and life ins.

92 crown vic: $217 every 6 months with 50/100 renters ins. and life ins.

ok both combined with multi-car discount and all was around $430 every 6 months.

the guy told me that 25/50 was more than 50/100 which isnt possible i dont think. unless he's tryin to rip me off more than he already is. what do you guys think?
My rates are ok and 35 married. My online quote from Grundy for 12 months was $310 on my 89 GT as agreed value of $15 for highly modified with no milage or year limitation. I know that all sounds too good to be true, once I finish my car I'll try and see. I might go for more than 15k when it's all said and done.
Most maybe all insurance companies go off your credit score too to set your rates on policies. I think they come up with their own credit scoring model to see what kind of a risk you are to them.

I'd have to ask my mom she's worked at statefarm for 25+ years, she's told me about this before.
nahh your rates will plummet once you hit 25, get married and they drop even more. besides I have been with them for over 10 years now.

Do you only have liability on your cars? Reason im asking is i have allstate, have full coverage on an 04 accord and full coverage on my 02 f150, and homeowners through them and i pay 212 a month for everything.
full coverage on the gt and the ram. the truck is insured as a recreational/weekend vehicle since I pretty much only use it to pull my boat. the LX is my daily and it only has liability and I live 5 miles from work which really helps to keep my premiums down. If you are ex military or a dependent I would really look into USAA they are awesome.