Car Lighter Not Working!! PLease help!


New Member
Jun 4, 2004
Ok, i have a 2001 svt cobra mustang, and for some reason when i try to plug my cell phone charger into the lighter , it will not Charge at all (it wont power on or anything), i thought, hmmm maby the charger is broken, yet when i tried to actiually use the lighter thing (the thing you push in to get hot so you can light cigarettes) , it diddnt heat up or anything, so im guessing there is absolutely no power at all going to my lighter in my car, is there any way to fix this, i mean, i just got a radar detector, and it works in all of my other cars, but this one... (and i bought it for the cobra), do you know what could be wrong with this? (the first time i tried to pull out my lighter it was stuck and i had to pull really hard and it finally came out, i dont know , now if i put it in it goes easy as pie and comes out really easy too, so i dont know what could be wrong!)
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