Car sits for 2 years, some issues help!


Jun 29, 2005
Hello, I finally get my car back on the road after 2 years of sitting. The only thing that has changed is I sold my nitrous kit off the car (turbo coming soon) and I changed my upper intake from an Edelbrock Performer RPM to a Trickflow R Series. After all my fluid changes and such I throw some gas stabilizer and a few gallons of 93 in( about 5)I fire her up. It takes a few tries but I got my timing down. Now set at 14º base and I have a good idle of about 1k rpms. The long ride home I'm taking it pretty easy on her just cruising around and going through the gears. Shifting around 2500-3k and its driving smoothly. Once I got on the highway i decide to stick around in 4th for a bit and bring the rpms up a little higher. Around 3500+rpms you can hear the engine start to break up and you can feel a lack in power. I just brought the rpms down and cruised as normal. Now about 45 minutes later when I get the car back home I decide to just goose the throttle real quick to see how she does(havnt had her in a while and I was anxious). Starts revving up normally and then all of the sudden I lose all ignition. My lights are still on but engine is off and im rolling. I roll start the car and she starts, but is sputtering bad and the fuel pump is whining like when youre about to start the car but it wont stop. I pull over and shut off the car and restart. Barely enough juice in the battery to start it. It starts up and idles fine... Any ideas as to whats the issue?
I've had the gel cell battery on a trickle charger for the passed day or so and I hope it will eventually get back to normal. Also I do have a few aftermarket ignition parts if that matters. Mallory Ignition box, msd blaster 3 coil, and an msd billet distributor. Coil and dizzy are about 4 years old ignition box is around 2 years. My old msd 6al crapped the bed right before I parked it.
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I'd start with checking the charging system over. You can do it largely yourself if you have a DMM or many parts stores can dynamically test and/or bench test components.