Carb Gurus need help quick Newb Autolite 2100


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May 7, 2004
Monrovia, CA
I have a 1968 mustang, 289, auto, 2bbl autolite 2100 carb. Gaskets failed on the carb dumping fuel everywhere. I bought a rebuild kit since the autoparts dealers all said 3-4 days at the soonest to get a rebuilt carb. Spent about five hours being meticulous or so I thought. Did all the minor adjustments on the linkage, etc. Mounted the carb tried to start it, and it caught once and then stalled. I tried starting it again, but gas started coming out the two tube-like vents near the airhorn. Let it sit for a while and had the same problem. Got to get this running for work tomorrow! Your help is appreciated.
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gas comes out of those holes because the float is stuck or adjusted wrong, to high.
if you have a inline gas filter, replace it, if you dont have one ,get one, you could have dirt getting into the float needle and holding it open.
If the carb is assembled properly and the float is adjusted to specs, then something else is the culprit. You did say that gas was going everywhere before the rebuild and so it sounds like the situation may not have changed.

Sounds like you have crap coming from you fuel tank. May need to drain and flush it. Look inside the thank and see if there is rust as it too will cause the needle to remain off the seat which causes flooding. If nothing else, add a good inline filter to catch any of the crap.
i had this exact problem this last weekend. start by replacing the filter that screws into the carb if you have not already. next remove the top plate from the carb. check that the float is adjusted properly. there should be at least 1/8 inch clearance from the top, then remove the float and needle assembly. next disconnect the hot lead from the coil [ red wire with the press on boot] . this will keep the car from starting. move the wire away from the carb. next place some rags [clean] over the top of the carb. then crank the engine over with the key. no more than 2 seconds should be needed. remove the rags and look into the float bowl. you will most likely find some dirt or metal shaving from the area between the filter and float. my problem was caused by a piece of thread knocked loose from the filter bore. if you do not see any debris try again. also make sure the bottom of the float needle is clean before you reassemble.
good luck. i hope this helps you..
Thanks for the great info. It appears to be a float/needle problem that I'm trying to work out. Float was adjusted to data provided. I'm going to change out the filter (again), and clean out the needle valve and float bowl. Again, thanks for the info.