Caster question? (pictures)


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Nov 8, 2001
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The drivers side of my Stangs front wheel is set back too far to the point of rubbing during hard turns, it is set back too far! I had an alignment and they asked if the car had been in a bad accident before. I purchased it with 30,000 and did a CarFax before purchase. I looked for evidence of a wreck and the door looks like it may have been replaced. Would caster/camber plates help? I had subframe connectors welded in otherwise the suspension is stock.

Passenger side

Drivers side - See how far back the tire sits!


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lol, w/ 4.10's it better to go wider not taller. yes it's good for flex when drag racing, but that depends on the design of the tire. What your sporting now is not only causing the rubbing that you feel when turning it's affecting your speedometer cuz that set up it around an inch taller than the stock design. Either switch to a 245-255/45/17 or get news rims and get 255-275/35/18 which is close to even
I have 3.73s and I have 295s on the back. Perfect :nice:

When I saw the 2nd pic, I immediately said, "Holy shyt, my friend." I repeated it once I realized that you had 255/50s on!

Like everyone else said, go with a shorter, wider tire. I'd recommend 245/45/17 up front and 275/40/17 out back. You'll grab GREAT with those ;)