Cat back exhaust suggestions?


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Feb 28, 2010
New Jersey
Correction... I meant to say "axle-back".

I have been checking out youtube trying to select a axleback my S197 GT. I know this subject is a matter of personal taste. Looking for deep muscle car sound like I used to have on my old 5.0 with flowmasters.... way back in the day. However, I read that some systems have an "drone" sound at a given rpm. Are there any systems that do not? Or is it just a matter of at what rpm range? Any links to another post or video would also be helpful. Thanks!
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Catbacks on the S197 is somewhat a misnomer. Catbacks for these cars are just over the axle (OTA) pipes and axlebacks/mufflers. Just get the axlebacks. These cars will not have the same sound as the previous generation mustangs. Generally speaking axlebacks that produce a deep tone will also drone. If you don't want any or too much drone look at Corsa, FRPP GTA, Magnaflow (not magnapack) and JBA. Corsas are the most expensive. Youtube will give you a general idea but listen to other set-ups in person. Join a local mustang club.
I would suggest a search on drone and trumpeting. Those threads will help you understand kind of whats going on with the 3v engine. In all honesty I believe a mid muffler setup from any brand will make our engine sound close, close mind you, to the 2v and 4v of old. Also the mid mufflers are typically true cat backs.

Again waste a day reading the old threads on drone and trumpeting as they will prob be the most help to you, because as you said it's all preference! :nice:
I was running a pseudo mid muffler resonators/glasspacks welded in and SLP LM. Not exactly the 2v or 4v sound, but it sounds awesome nonetheless. I recently replaced my SLP LM with MACs so I have 4 mufflers. 2 resonators/glasspacks and the MACs. It has a deep tone without too much drone. When I get bored I will just put back on the SLP LM.
I love my Steedas. They are deep and aggressive without being obnoxiously loud. I almost don't want to change anything else in my setup for fear of losing the sound the car has now.
Sounds great. But I wonder if that will pass NJ inspection?

Thanks also for the Steeda suggestion. I will have to search for some clips on youtube and check it out.

Does changing the mufflers void the warranty on these cars? I just picked up my car yesterday and I have 2 mos left on bumper to bumper and 2 yrs on drivetrain.
I went with the flowmaster axle-back good price, awesome huge tips and nice sound. They did a good job with drone in these, quiet at idle and nice deep tone when you stomp on it.

99% of the time you will get drone at about 2,000 rpm if you're going to. Depending on which FM's you got, you'll want to run it down the freeway when the mufflers get broken in and see if they drone. Some people don't mind the sound, some do. I've heard cars drone so bad that it would drive me crazy, yet the owners swears there's no drone at all. So it's all personal taste.