Caught the Mustang Fever


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Mar 24, 2018
Hello All,

I am in my last semester of college and have sort of gotten a little senioritis. Decided to use some of my GI bill money from my time in the military to do some work on my Mustang. Came across a 1969 351w with a Shelby intake I got a pretty good deal on, and decided to put it in my 2004 Red Convertible, which currently is a v6. Found out that I can use a k-member, serpentine pulley setup, headers etc from a 95 Cobra and the 351 bolts right on (with the help of a special order flywheel and balancer that accommodate 4 bolt mains and a 28oz balance.) Anyway, the car is currently in the shop and I should have it back in a couple weeks. The build cost me about half of what it would have to upgrade to a 4.6 modular and I just think the carb/flat tappet cam feel has something special about it that was lost with EFI/roller cam engines took hold. Plan to maybe switch to EFI in the future so I can run a Kenne Bell. With the oddness of this build (69 Windsor, SN95 setup, 2004 body) where should I post? Excited to join the community! I'll post pics when I get the car back.
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Welcome to Stangnet.

The '96-'04 subforums will be the place for you. A 351 in an Edge ought to be pretty sweet.

Post pictures if you get a chance.

It's good to have you with us.
Thanks for the reply. Do you think maybe I should post in the late fox/early Edge area since my car is setup more like a 94-95 Cobra R than anything?
Not really, you could look into those areas for specific help for your engine/harness set up.

I'm a fox guy so i'm not sure of the swaps in the modular areas of the forum. Do a search there for something similar to what you have. Maybe something will pop up.

Talk to the guys in the subforums there too, start a new thread with your questions, you'll get help. There's a really good group of legitimate gearheads there.