Cd player!


New Member
Jul 25, 2006
Well my stock cd player is giving me problems......Everytime i go to play a cd it says cd radio works fine. Can any of you electronic peeps diagnose my problem?
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DO NOT shake a can of compressed air, and make sure you spray it straight up and down. The radio comes out and apart fairly easily, and if the air doesn't do it for you, then you can swab down the laser eye with some rubbing alcohol.
you hit a bump or something when changing CDs or tracks...

hit eject and hit it with the palm of your hand just UNDER the display.
This is sort of off topic but not really ... I got in my car a couple days ago just to drive it some and my CD player decided to be a PITA also. I was listening to a CD and hit eject ... nothing happened. I was stuck listening to the same 10 tracks all day. Well, I got mad and decided to put my aftermarket head unit back in but before I did that, I disconnected the battery (for an unrelated issue). I reconnected the battery, sat down and decided to hit eject one more time before I took the CD player out and it spit the CD out. Has worked perfect ever since.

Thought I'd throw that out there for you to try .. I know it's not an "answer" but somehow it made my CD player start ejecting discs again. :shrug:
Mine does that sometimes. You have to hit either switch cd or eject then tap it untill the cd comes out or switches. Sometime you have to hit it pretty hard. Ive also had it fix itself when you unplug the battery, it reboots if you leave the battery off for a few minuets. Anyone know about how much it costs to put in an aftermarket one? Must be pretty expensive with the factory amps.