Central Florida Dyno Tuning options


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May 7, 2003
So i saw the LONG thread for the floridians, so Ive got a quick question for everyone here from fl. IS THERE ANY REPUTABLE PLACE to get a dyno tune in the central florida area (orlando, tampa) :shrug: Mods in sig. I figured its time for a dyno tune. Price is "sort of an issue" (dont wanna pay 500.00 for a tune)
Any help would be appreciated!!! :flag:
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Try Coastal Dyno Chassis in Tampa. Sam is a personal friend of mine. An example of his work. A KB cobra was brought to him, everything done to it, nobody could get any more power out of it, and 60 more horsepower from tuning it. You should give him a call and tell him Sam(me) sent you. 813-567-6349. He is very reputable and he specializes in stangs.