cervini side scoops


Mar 22, 2010
i got cervini side scoops put on today and i dont really like them does anyone know how to get them off they were put on with 3m tape Thanks also if any one wants them ill sell them for three i paid two for them plus they cost me two to get painted and fitted
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To take them off, you will need waxed dental floss and Goo Gone or a similar adhesive remover.
First, pour the goo gone on the edges allowing it to go between the scoop and the car itself. Let it soak for 5 minutes.
Then use the floss and floss between the car and the scoops. You will break it several times, but continue doing it until it goes all the way through and the scoop comes off. Use goo gone and a rag on any remaining adhesive. Using a credit card or something else will scratch your car.