Cervinis Bumper Cover

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The one you have is going to be too short for your 89. In 91 they went with the 16 inch ponies so the wheel openings are longer. Your saleen lip wont work unless you get the 91+ fenders.

yes, the front wheel openings on 91-93 cars are wider to accommodate for the larger 16" pony wheels. so if you have an 89 car but a front bumper for a 91-93, the fender extentions on that bumper (parts of the bumper that wrap around the side and go to the wheel openings) will be too SHORT. (bigger wheel opening=smaller fender extention)
Was your lip made for 87-89? There is a big difference in length on the lip from a 91+. I got the 91+ fenders to clear my 17's because the opening is a good inch to inch and a half longer/bigger.