Check Engine Light came on....HELP!!!

SRT Handz

I tripped & fell down and cut myself & got blood
Oct 10, 2004
La Mirada, CA
So i am driving home from work at and its raining pretty hard. there was alot of water on the road and drove though some which i know got the whole underside of my car wet.

well i keep driving and the check engine light came on. I got home and there was white smoke comming outta the tail pipes.

I check the codes and here they were.

P0136 - O2 bank 1
P0156 - O2 Bank 2

I tried clearing it with my Diablo and it wouldnt clear

Can someone please tell me what these are and whats wrong and if there is any way i can fix it myself
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Sounds like you drenched your o2 sensors and they weren't responding for a while. Let the car completely dry out then run the codes tomorrow and clear them. If the car runs funny and the codes won't clear then you've damaged one or both of the sensors from too much water. I've never heard of anyone doing that but it is possible.
svttech76 said:
those codes are circuit faults for both cat monitors. ( rear 02 sensors)

Does the car run fine? are you sure it's white smoke and not steam?

but what does circuit fault mean? does in mean the sensors are bad or that the computer is reading no cats?
SRT Handz said:
but what does circuit fault mean? does in mean the sensors are bad or that the computer is reading no cats?

it means either the wiring the pcm or the sensor is bad. a circuit fault means exactly what it says. the electrical cicuit from the sensor to the pcm is damaged.

what is causing this code? well your going to have to get under your car and do some tests.
Don't get all excited just yet. This sounds like something that happened to me. When I replaced my H-pipe with an MRT H, I didn't notice that the new location for the O2 sensor was right below the A/C drain spout. I was driving one day and the my CEL came on. The dealer told me I had shorted out the O2 sensor and tried to sell me a new one. I said no, and just let the thing dry for a couple days. The light went off on its own and then I shield the sensor from the drain line. No problems since.

I think you just got the sensors good and wet. Let them dry for a few days before you do anything else.
P0153 is the Passenger side front o2 sensor. I had the same thing on mine and I replaced it and that stupid light went away. Also make sure its not loose that sometimes can cause a problem. Dont know much about the other code. Good luck man