Check Engine Light Flashing


Jul 29, 2013
so if anyone is familiar with my last thread where i broke a water pump bolt off into the block.

i finished this finally and got it back together and it had fixed two problems.

before my car would spudder at low rpms (misfiring?) but after we had put the water pump on and everything back together it wasnt doing it anymore for a whole day then started again.

if im going 25 mph in third gear just trying to coast the car will jerk back and forth and the check engine light will flash.

i heard the check engine lights for 88's werent even functional when i read about pulling the codes in this thread

anyone have any ideas?
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Do you have Mass air? Then you have a CEL, as I believe the 86-88 SD cars don't. Run the codes. If your car has a CEL it will flash and tell you what is wrong.

mass air is the attatchment on the intake correct?



My left running light is just broke I'm fixing it