Check out this crash-n NASCAR qualifing

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I'm not trying to jump one Dale Earhardt band wagon ( Sr that is), but if it wasn't for his death a lot of these safety changes would not have happened. The hans, safety barriers and even a lot of the changes in the new COT car can be attributed to the Intimidator. Very glad to see he was ok, I counted like 10 rolls.
Damn!! :eek:

Last speed I saw on the telemetry was 194 mph, but I'm sure it's delayed a little. However, he lost it right at the turn-in, so he was probably still going 180 or so.

Yeah, how does Earnhardt die in that dinky crash he had and that guy walks away?!? (I'm sure very bruised and sore though)

The word I got from a (then) Winston Cup insider, that it was well known that Earnhardt was "old school" and a little lax on his driver-safety -- he still wore an open-face helmet, kept his harness a little loose rather than cinching it tight, etc..

If he had been better protected, he probably would have walked away, since his velocity into the wall was only about 60 mph (his velocity down track was quite a bit higher). His death made NASCAR and the other drivers make safety a number-1 priority. All the safety enhancements allowed this guy to hit the wall almost head-on at 180 mph, and just limp away.
It's too bad we lost Dale Earhardt, but think....him dying saved this guys life and many many others during crashes. With the padded walls, the HANS device, better helmets, and many many other strucutral and cosmetic improvements to the car they are much safer now than in 2001.