Chrome? Ring and Pinion


Aug 10, 2007
Alpharetta, GA
Polished Ring and Pinion

I have a 4:10 gears, FRPP ring and pinion.

I am having them re-set up now and my guy said that they have had bad luck with noise from the polished ones?

I don't mind a little noise and he said it would be fine. anyone have experience with this?

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My 3.73's aren't chrome and they are FRPP. Not installed yet. And yeah, same as above.. why would they be chrome? Seems pointless to chrome something you can't see. Every gear I have ever seen has been steel of some form or another. But chrome? Come on. And it's not like they would have to chrome it to prevent rust, that would seem useless as well. It's gonna get scuffed , and there"s plenty of lube in there. You must think they are chrome. Probably just a fresh cast off the line , or they have titanium or nickel plating or embedded. Never chrome.