Chrome VS Black Bullits


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Aug 27, 2003
I got a 2000 amazon green stang. I have true duals and the tips are black chrome (look so much better than regular chrome tips). I went with the black chrome tips becasue my car is a darker green so now iam looking to buy some bullit rims. Probly be 17's but i dont know wheather to go with the chrome bullits or the black bullits. I think black would look better with my color casue its darker and with the balck chrome tips. however chrome looks good to. Any response to what u guy think woudl look better would be greatly appreactied.
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The black ones might be easier to keep clean, because chrome wheels tend to get discolored if you dont wax them regularly. Sound like it might look cool with the black ones since you have those black exhaust tips. By the way could you post a picture of those black tips on your car, cause if never seen that before.
ya that what ima thinking but i dont think i want 18s i think iam oging to keep them at 17. I WIll get a pic posted soon ther black chrome look sweet they cost $40 for each tip ther pretty new. thanks
um....screw all of going really. get chrome. i like bling bling and you know whats great about chrome wheels? everytime you wash them, your friends come up asking you if you got new rims. Happens to me all the time. I have had no discoloration at all. Just get a quality rim and you'll be fine. Only problem with chrome is the weight. If you can get past that, you're fine.
Chrome would look nice but is it really worth the money Iam THINKING iAM GOING OT HAVE TO REPLACE THE CLUTCH SOON (NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO) SHe is starting to shake off the line in 1st gear at like 1500 rpms but not in higher rpms.
More good news we got soem girls to flash us in my stang but didnt flash the guy infront who had that rice burner **** when he asked more reason to buy a stang ahah
I am about to chage your world as you know it...Behold the deep dish. Best of both worlds and I've seen these on a green stang. Let me say Oh My God it looks aggressive. Super hot.


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Deep dishes definately do have a look all to their own, but I'm not exactly sure you will be changing my world that much!

Anyway, I'm sure the rear wells will be filled nicely. Post some good side/front shot pics once you get them on. I'm curious as to how the front wells will be filled.

Someone in the 4.6L forums put some deep dish's on their rear and they looked f-n-sweet. Hope all goes well!
i thikn those would look good but i dont want the wheel hangin out past the fenders DO i look mexican ahah where woudl you go about looking for aome deppdish black bullits. never eard of them called that
Anybody got pics of the black chrome tips? I've never seen it, think it would look sweet though. Oh yeah, my vote would be for the chrome bullitts, not a big fan of the black ones.