Clay Bar = AMAZING!

The Dan

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Jul 16, 2003
Orange County, CA
Just thought I'd share. This weekend I picked up a Mother's clay bar kit. It took about 4 hours (lots of contamination) to do the whole car, but you can't believe the difference a clay bar will make on your paint. I put on a coat of Zaino afterwards, and if your into the "wet" look on your paint, this IS the only way to go. If you do this more often, I'm sure it wouldn't take as long as mine did. I'm just amazed at the finish, glass! Show quality shine all the way. If your ever planning on selling a car, give it a clay bar treatment, because it will bring the paint back from the dead!
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The process is pretty simple. In the kit you get a clay bar, instant detailer, and a bottle of cleaner wax. You wash and dry the car. Then you use the instant detailer as a lube and spray one area at time. Once you wet an area you just rub the clay back and forth until it rubs smoothly. You can literally feel, see and hear the clay picking up the junk out of your paint. I only used half the clay bar, saving the other half for next time. Be sure not to drop the clay, if you do you have to throw it away because it will pick up the smallest debris. The clay is very sticky, hence the instant detailer being used as lube. Once your happy with the clay bar portion, and you will be, you put on a coat of your favorite wax, then kick back and admire your shine. I couldn't quit looking at my car, I really was amazed at how well it looked.
Clay bar treatments are simply designed to remove surface contaminants such as tree sap, industrial fallout, road grime etc. They do not clean the paint and are non-abrasive, so they will not do anything for orange peel, oxidation, swirl marks and the like. The clay bar is a good surface prep to use just prior to your cleaner, sealer, wax routine.
I've heard of the clay bar treatment, but never tried it. I'll give it a try next time, thanks.

Has anyone tried the new "Mr. Clean" carwash thing yet? I saw an add on TV for it and looked at it at the store yesterday. It's a sprayer device you attach to the hose that claims to filter out the water impurities that cause water spots. They claim you don't have to wipe the car down after washing. The kit with the filtering sprayer is $20. The filters (refills = about $2) last for 10 washes. Mr. Clean soap refills = about $2 and looks like it might last at most 10 washes.
A buddy tried the Mr Clean thing. He says it works great. I use my water softner, a squegee and a microfiber towel and wipe like heck. Then follow up with Meguiresdetail spray (in between waxes).

I think I might try the clay bar though for my water spots.
I am also a true believer in the Clay Bar.
I once made a trip to Knotts Berry Farm when I blew a power valve on the way over.
Obviously I ran extremely rich the entire way and the fact I had a borrowed 850 DP didn't help at all.

Besides killing a new set of plugs, the large quantities of unburnt fuel left a dark residue on the back of the car. Nothing would take it off, and I tried a lot of products.

Finally, after just about giving up, I came across Mother's Clay Bar.
A lot of rubbing and a mostly worn out Clay Bar later, all the residue was gone! Now I use it when ever the paint needs a good cleaning, whether its water spots or oxidation.
golf4283 said:
isn't zaino supposed to actually repel dust and also doesnt it keep getting better the more coats you put on?

Ya, we put 2 coats of #5 and 2 of #2. Dust seems better, but when you wash the car it is alot diff. Water just leaves the car compared to waxes which bead all over and makes for extra drying.