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Feb 28, 2003
Ok, bare with me on this one. I am having a problem installing a clutch fork. I just removed my extended clutch fork because I could not get the clutch cable properly adjusted with it and the clutch kept burning. I was going to put my stock one back in, but when I went to install it, I noticed that the fingers (I don't know what they are called) that hold it to the pivot ball are stretched. So it just falls off when I try to bolt up my scattershield. Is this going to be a problem once everything is back together? Is it going to move around? I thought this would be a problem so I ordered a new stock replacement from D&D. But the one I got has the opposite problem. The fingers for the pivot ball are nice and tight, but the ones for the throwout bearing are too low and it easily slides around. Also, the opening where the throwout bearing is a little larger and you can rotate the TOB all the way around.

What one should I use (if any)? What problems could I have with either one? I don't want to take this apart again because the scattershield is a project to get off with all those bolts.

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Thanks for the info. I was thinking that once it was tightened, it would be fine because it seems like it won't really move once inside the pocket for the pivot ball. What about using the one from D&D with the larger opening? I am assuming that notch on the throwout bearing it supposed to keep it in place, so it would be more of a problem than using my old stock fork.

Here are some pictures:

Notch on TOB:

View attachment 326580

TOB fitting into stock fork. With the replacement from D&D, The fingers are pushed down, causing the TOB to fit very loosely. Also, the opening is too big and the notch won't hit the opening in the fork. Therefore, the TOB can be completely rotated instead of being locked in place.

View attachment 326581

This is hard to see, but a picture of the fingers stretched out:

View attachment 326582

Thanks again.
The TOB shouldn't rotate, give D&D a call and talk with those guys they are great! I've tweaked the fingers back to get some slop out of stock ones, they bend easily when taken apart if your not careful.
Thanks for the additional info Rick. What would you suggest I use to bend it back into place? If I try to push them down with my fingers, they just pop back into place. Maybe a pliers or something?