Clutch Help


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Sep 25, 2006
Omaha, NE
So about 300 miles ago I had a new clutch installed. I have been breaking in properly.. at least I think. I never go above 2000 rpm and never drop the clutch quickly or accelerate quickly. I feel like I've been driving like my grandma. Anyways, yesterday I noticed a slight chatter on takeoff and also the cluch seems to slip occasionally when shifting into 4th. The chatter is not that bad so Im thinking that will probably go away soon, or at least I hope. The slip in 4th only lasts about a half to a full second after shifting. Is this anything to be worried about since the clutch is not completely broken in? Its probably important to note that I have a firewall adjuster, stock cable, and double-hook quadrant. I had the stock clutch put back in. The dealership told me they would adjust the firewall adjuster for me so I am assuming the did that right.
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Nov 13, 2003
South Texas
Don't assume that they adjusted it right. They probably have it too tight and the clutch isn't completely engaging.

If the clutch is brand new & slipping then I'll bet the cause is either:

A. they didn't clean the pressure plate and flywheel fully and there is contamination in there on the surfaces

B. They didn't adjust the firewall adjuster properly.