Clutch install??

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Hey bud, get with Danny (Wytstang). IIRC, he got the same clutch from the same vendor and had a couple of long threads about it. He posted some good info and is whom I'd go to if needing the low-down.

It's just a standard kit with a Pilot bearing too. I assume the T56 input shaft has the same OD as a T5. You might want to do a RMS and will obviously be playing around with your fork and pivot.

Good luck.

Reactive megacapacitive selector. C'mon, I know you know what that is. It's important for a clutch - be sure to get one.

Ok ok, Rear Main Seal. Replace yours if needed (I cant remember the status of yours but thought you had plans to replace it during the trans swap). :D
Guero, check the useful article sticky. David (5 spd GT) put his own write-up on there, as well as a link with info and pictures. Those might be helpful.