Clutch pedal vibration

Desert Stallion

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Aug 5, 2001
Queen Creek, AZ
Okay, my sister's '95 coupe had a vibration in the clutch when it was not engaged, so as soon as you just barely put your foot on the pedal you could feel it pulsing.
So, pulled the tranny, found that there was a wear pattern on the flywheel, so had the flywheel ground at a local machine shop, and replaced the stock clutch with a Spec stage 1, as well as replacing the stock bearing retainer with a new steel one.
Also replaced the pilot bearing.

So I drove it for the first time today after putting it together, and sure enough the same damn vibration is there!
The only other thing I could think of it being is the clutch quadrant, maybe it's not adjusting properly or something?
The pulsing is there from the time you touch the pedal until the clutch is disengaged, just about where I think the clutch should release. The pedal is really perty easy to move, much lighter than my FRPP clutch in my GT.
What about the tranny input shaft bearing?

Any ideas? Thanks all.
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i have vibrations on my clutch pedal too went too get it checked and my mechanic told me it was the clutch fork thas was vibrating it makes sounds when my pedal is engaged and disengaged but when i hold the pedal down lightly but it's not engaged the sound goes away so im gonna get that tighted up but hey might be that problem on your sister car
I just had my clutch done friday also had the stage 1 put in. Replaced the pilot bearing too. Also put in adjustable quadrent. I am having the same sound as you. I went back the next day to the shop and he told me after i put some miles on it he will adjust it and put more tension on the pedal. So im guessing you have the exact same thing as me.