Clutch Problems


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Nov 25, 2003
I have not posted much here but I visit everyday to read what goes on.

I am having problems with my clutch, my mustang shakes off idle from a stop and when I press the gas while moving it does not accelerate very fast/at all, almost like all the power is just going right through/slipping. I was thinking about getting a centerforce clutch and disc and was wondering where you all got yours and if you ordered it online? My Mustang is a 1965 Coupe if that helps.

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302 coupe

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Mar 2, 2000
Macon, Ga.

good prices, service, and shipping.

I'm not sure if centerforce makes a 'long' style clutch, or if they make a diaphragm style that will work in its place. Lots of other good companies out there make what you need though, Zoom, Ram, Hayes, etc. It would be wise to remove your current clutch/pressure plate so you can measure the diameter and check the spline count before you order. Ford used several different types over the years and there's no telling what all has been changed over the 40 year lifespan of your car.

Be sure to replace the throwout bearing and pilot bushing while you're in there. Also get the flywheel resurfaced whenever you install a new clutch. Most kits will come with the disc, pressure plate, and throwout bearing-this will usually save you a few bucks versus buying everything individually.