clutch problems


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Nov 22, 2004
well i installed a new clutch about a month ago. and tonight i was running it through the gears, and after it the clutch disengaged way low and its hard to get in to gear. i was thinking the auto adjuster might have been screwed up. idk thow. btw the clutch is the king cobra.
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i think if you pull up on the pedal it will readjust the factory quardrant..i think..if im wrong let me know..that sounds like your problem to me though
has the cable ever been replaced if so it maybe a cheap replacement type with the small clamps on the end of the cable cover. those type will not hold up with the extra pressure the pressure plate has, also if it has never been replaced, its very possable your cable has laid on the header at some time and can cause the cable cover to colabse
well i just did that and it did not work. however it did feel like it did adjust and then slip back when i pressed the pedel down. is there a way i can manuly adjust it so i can drive my car
everynameistake said:
is there a way i can manuly adjust it so i can drive my car
yes - with an aftermarket quadrant and FWA.

Seriously, you can get under the car to see if the cable is adjustable - it might not help if the stock quadrant wont hold its setting anyhow, but....

Good luck.