Electrical Clutch safety switch wiring for aftermarket an engine harness


Dec 25, 2021
Hi all,

I'm installing a painless 60510 harness in my 88 GT and need to wire up my "NSS" wire red/blue (EEC pin 30) to the clutch safety switch plug since my wiring has changed, then use a posi-tap to tap into the wire going from EEC pin 46 to complete the circuit to crank the car. I'm not connecting to the factory 8 pin connector, I'm going under the dash from EEC pin 30 to the clutch switch directly. I'm guessing the black plug with the pre-existing red/blue wires is what I connect my "NSS" wire to but which wire do I connect to??? There's a total of 3 same color wires. 2 red and blue wires that splice into a single prong, then a single red and blue wire to a single prong. Also, in addition, what color wire from the clutch safety switch do I posi-tap into Pin 46 wire for ground? My computer is a DA1 so let me know if I'm following the correct ECM diagram.
painless harness.PNG

Devin parsons.
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