Electrical Clutch safety switch wiring for aftermarket an engine harness


Dec 25, 2021
Hi all,

I'm installing a painless 60510 harness in my 88 GT and need to wire up my "NSS" wire red/blue (EEC pin 30) to the clutch safety switch plug since my wiring has changed, then use a posi-tap to tap into the wire going from EEC pin 46 to complete the circuit to crank the car. I'm not connecting to the factory 8 pin connector, I'm going under the dash from EEC pin 30 to the clutch switch directly. I'm guessing the black plug with the pre-existing red/blue wires is what I connect my "NSS" wire to but which wire do I connect to??? There's a total of 3 same color wires. 2 red and blue wires that splice into a single prong, then a single red and blue wire to a single prong. Also, in addition, what color wire from the clutch safety switch do I posi-tap into Pin 46 wire for ground? My computer is a DA1 so let me know if I'm following the correct ECM diagram.
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Devin parsons.
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The black one with the 2 red / blue wires are the starter circuit. The same color wire is found at the starter solenoid small connection and at the neutral safety switch on automatics. The clear one is also the clutch switch. Some people ( improperly ) install 15 amp fuses in them when doing a transmission swap. The clear one is for the computer. The black / white stripe wire is the signal return to pin 46. It should be in the clear connector. There should be continuity from most of the sensor grounds and the eec test connector under the hood and pin46. If you supply 12v to the factory computer on this circuit ( 46 ) it will mess the computer up.

so in the painless 60510 onns kit asks to configure rabbit 30 and 46 as in the top photo knowing that my car is manual so I should connect to the transparent gray connector since he has the right wires but the neutral connector is not for automatic cars ?and thx 90sickfox for help me sorry for my english its just a traduction a speak french


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