Clutch Writeup


New Member
Aug 12, 2006
Hey all Im looking to tackle the install of a new clutch and flywheel etc I was trying to find a really really good write up with pictures. Tried searching but it wasnt too helpful on the writeups i was looking for (If I just read it I go blank gotta have pics! :)

If someone could just give me a link or links to step by step writeups id really appreciate it. 2002 GT
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I dont know any links like that but have you tried the Haynes manual for our car,normaly the haynes isnt that great but for the clutch removal/install section its really not bad,step by step with pics too.I just used it last week as a reminder guide,done many clutches in the past but I just dont do em often enough to keep it freah in the head.Its only about $15 at most autoparts.But ill see what I find for the web.