Cobra grille insert users. How do they weather over time?


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Aug 14, 2009
Hi guys. I'm just looking for anybody that has installed or has a car with a cobra grille insert that isn't molded into the front bumper. I have one on my car but the body man molded it to the front bumper. Now i'm looking to put another cobra grille insert on my other car. Although, that car has mint stock paint and i don't want the grille molded into the bumper nor do i want to repaint the front bumper. So what i'm wondering is. How do the grilles hold up when they are just screwed/taped to the bumper? Do they sag after time? Are they loosely mounted? Any regrets? Any bad things you notice about them? Just looking for expeirence. Thanks guys!
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mine is just double sided taped on. its on there goooodd too. i tried to pry it off the other day so i could trim the hole in the bumper a little to get the insert to sit a little more flush and i thought i was going to break it.
I have had mine on for 12 years+, but it is parked in the garage most of the time :(