Cobra Hood


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Nov 28, 2003
I'm looking to install a 03-04 Cobra hood on my GT. Some say there are differences between the GT and Cobra fascias. There might be a gap of some sort. Does anybody have a picture of this? Thanks again.
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He probably doesn't mind because his car looks so far from stock that most people can't tell the difference between the correct size of the gap and what he's got.
GregGTStang said:
Can someone take that fourth picture and cirlce the gap in paint. I don't see a gap.


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Damn. I don't like that gap. There is a co. on Ebay that has cobra hoods painted to match for $329. I was thinking about that, but I really don't like amount of space between the hood edge and the upper fascia. Oh well. Stalker hood maybe.
GregGTStang said:
What's the person's name on Ebay. I'd like to search what they have and see if he can get any hood painted to match.

Don't know offhand, but just search "cobra hood 99-04" and you'll see it; there are only about 10 choices. The price is great and they have good buyer reviews. Shipping is $170 though (!). I don't really know if that's high for something as big as a hood, but it brings the price to about $500 painted and shipped. Seems like a good deal.
I emailed the company on eBay about the Cobra hood. It's NOT the '03/'04 hood, but the '99/'01 style. It does sound like they do a good job on the hoods, though. Primer/sealer, 2 color coats, 2 clear coats, and the underside gets 2 color coats. For the money, darned good deal I think.

Going back to the point about the gap, I can't find it right now, but somewhere is a post from a guy that did the Cobra hood, and was able to adjust the front bumper cover to close up that gap. Looked pretty good.

okc2KGT said:
no, only the 03 cobra hood since the cobra bumper comes up higher. same reason you dont see 03 cobras with aftermarket hoods, they dont fit.

I see plenty of them with aftermarket hoods. In fact, I know a guy that had one and before it left the dealership it had an aftermarket hood. :shrug: Don't ask why, the guy is a mustang nut. It was his 43 mustang. He rarely keeps cars more than a year.

There are a couple different ways to fix the bumpers on the 03-04 Cobras to make aftermarket hoods fit on them. The discussion has been beat to death on here from people who put the 03-04 Cobra bumper on their GT's.